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Evangelist Davis Holt Jr. founded Holt Ministries after receiving a vision from God to spread the work of Christ and save souls. We are a newly registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization aimed at encouraging people in Lake Elsinore, CA to develop personal relationships with Christ. Another important aspect of our mission is dedicated to assisting those in need through community outreach programs.

At Holt Ministries, we think it is important to spread the word of God and ensure that Jesus Christ’s teachings pass down from generation to generation. That is why we make efforts to build relationships now with the youth of the community. Our focus on multi-generational preaching and outreaches helps us to ensure that the practice of Christianity is continued and thus advance the Kingdom of God.

At Holt Ministries, we believe in the Bible and focus on teaching God’s word through preaching the teachings of the Bible. We also believe that encouragement through positive communication is another very important tool in spreading God’s message. We encourage our members to follow God’s word in their daily lives. Finally, we spread God’s word through assisting those in need throughout the community, including the elderly, poor, and widows. Visit us to find out more about our mission.

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