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Holt Ministries is committed to encouraging prayer in Lake Elsinore, CA. We believe that prayer is an important aspect of following God. Prayer keeps us connected spiritually to Jesus Christ and to each other. That is why our mobile outreach ministry is here to help with prayer in all of its varieties.

We offer a variety of prayer services. For example, we take prayer requests for issues that concern the people of the community. These issues can vary in their seriousness or gravity, from the death of a loved one to prayer for a sick relative or spouse. Whatever the situation, Holt Ministries is here to offer our help with prayer. We genuinely care about your concerns and are here are to help guide you in your prayer and furthering your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Additionally, we encourage our members to join our group prayer. Group prayer can offer a unique experience for communion and fellowship among members of the ministry and the community. We believe that group prayer is an important aspect of any mobile outreach ministry. That is why we support and encourage group prayer services wholeheartedly and attempt to provide opportunities for members of the community to come together for group prayer.

Finally, we encourage the community to engage in honest prayer. When engaging in prayer, you should be honest with yourself and with God. By keeping an open and honest heart while praying, we further our relationship with God. If we hold things back while we pray to God, we only distance ourselves from Him. If you have any questions about prayer or our prayer services, please contact us.

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